Third Time Lucky

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Well, the first and second books are out. I knew it would be a thing to write and publish a book, but I didn’t see it as impossible. I did not think I would ever write a second, yet here I am a week after it went public. It seems a funny thing to “brag” on, but we cracked the top 12,000 on Amazon. Granted, that leaves a lot of books above us, but there are somewhere around 500,000 book for sale on Amazon, so that’s means we made it to the top 2.4%. I’d say that’s pretty awesome.

Now I’m sitting at Starbucks enjoying my morning cuppa and trying to decide what to do for my 3rd act. I have a list of ideas, but haven’t decided what comes next. Will it be the Minister of Mocha devotional book? Will it be something informative? Perhaps an inspirational book? I just don’t know. It’s a big choice, because whatever I choose I will be spending my days with the book for most of the next year. Anyhow, I’ll probably make the choice in a week or so. Until then…

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