My first book is now out on Kindle, AppleBooks, and in paperback.

It’s been a long process getting this book written. I actually started formulating it back in October of 2001 as I sat in a solitary confinement cell. Down the years it’s taken on a lot of different looks. As I let God grow me, He kept editing the book in concert, that’s where the title came from. I’m a life-long nerd, and the son of a computer geek, so the idea of “beta testing” has been a part of my knowledge base for as long as I can recall. As computer programmers write out their code they give it put to people to test. This unfinished version is called a Beta. As the testers find errors and problems they let the developer know so that all of the kinks can be worked out. God’s got me in beta testing right now; I’m not perfect. This book is the my story. It shows how I went from “success” to failure and then took a long, hard path back toward a new version of success. As you read it, you will probably want to stop, but I encourage you to stick with me as I get better. Just like my walk, the further into it you get, the better it is!

Still in Beta cover

Available for Kindle and in paperback
Available now on AppleBooks