Getting Ready to Roam

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Well, one of the “musts” got checked off of our list. We’ve been sheltering in place out in the country of Tennessee. It has been a time of rest as well as work. I finally got that first book published. I helped my mother in law transition to her new address in Heaven. It’s been…well, it’s been a time. As we look at how we will know the time to return we have put together a bit of a checklist. We knew we wanted to stay through Mother’s Day. Check. Now we have a few items in the mail for delivery here at Grandpa’s house that need to arrive before we can start out on our big road trip. Then there’s our commitment to Celebrate Recovery. We’ve been holding our weekly meetings online since the shut down began. I don’t want to try to host a meeting from my phone while driving on the Interstate, so we’ve decided that we will likely leave on a Saturday.

So what do you do when you have an addiction to blogging, plus a cross-country road trip? That’s right, you decide that you’ll blog your way across the country. Hopefully it is interesting. I’ll try to add some video from time to time. Who knows, we might even get to see a really big ball of string somewhere in the middle of this great country. If you haven’t already subscribed, there should be a button down at the bottom so that you can keep up with us.